Garden Design Around Surrey With Around Woking
If you want to have the beautiful garden of your dreams, you need to collaborate with professional garden designers who will listen to you and make your dream become a reality.

Beautiful scenery starts with a great design. If you want to have the beautiful garden of your dreams, you need to collaborate with professional garden designers who will listen to you and make your dream become a reality. Your garden speaks a lot about your personality, and we are here to create that garden you have always wanted for you without stress. At Surrey Landscapes, we have a team of professional garden designers with a combined experience of four decades. These experts have extensive experience and professional know-how in various categories of plants and flowers, planting times, growth requirements, and care.

The importance of a great garden design cannot be overemphasized as it consists of your ideas and professional designers’ inputs. It entails the patio shaping, paths, beds, and other cool spots in your garden to enjoy your free time. It also informs you of the type of plants to be cultivated and other factors such as wall presence and plants’ levels. Our professional designers are committed to delivering exceptional garden designs that will make your garden stand out from the rest of the pack. Do you reside in Surrey or based in other Woking areas, you can contact us for a free consultation session where we discuss your plans.

Our procedure is simple as the first phase is visiting your garden to understand your needs.

Once the consultation session is concluded, you will receive a quote comprising the details of the matter discussed and comprehensive analysis of our design fees. Our prices are competitive, and you cannot get better designs at great prices in the industry. Our competitors cannot compete with our all-inclusive pricing plans, and that is why Surrey Landscape is your preferred option.

The second phase of our service is the garden survey. Our friendly professional garden designers will survey your garden. This phase offers us a clear assessment of your garden and informs us of the soil samples, aspect, plant listings, and spot level and distance measurements taken in a digital form.

Finally, our experts will present you with two draft design layout plans and discuss your garden needs with you. At this point, the ball is in your court, and we cannot proceed without your approval. However, when you approve a design for us, our designers will use it to create the final design for your garden.

When we are through with the final design creation, you will be given a design concept drawing to scale, a 3D sketch or color drawing of your garden, a planting plan, and technical terms.

However, the beauty of your garden design is in the execution. You need the best hands to bring your design to reality. As a professional landscaping service provider, we will give you technical stipulations and tender documents to assist the landscaping project. Our team will also manage your project and oversee the project from the beginning to the end.

You can count on us to source suitable plants to be cultivated in your garden, and our expertise in designing attractive gardens remains unswerving.

There is nothing as great as having a professional to ensure your garden looks great and maintain its lushness irrespective of the season. We make the experience enjoyable and fun. Your garden design may be in shambles if you lack the time and commitment to take care of it.

Surrey Landscapes has a team of experts who can take care of your garden and offer garden owners’ maintenance tips in Surrey and Woking. If you want us to handle your garden’s maintenance, please send a message to us, and we will be glad to render our service without stress. Our happiness is seeing the gardens designed by our team members flourish.