Surrey At Surrey Landscapes, we are happy to welcome your fresh ideas and vision for your project. Welcome To
Surrey Landscapes
London Landscaping At Surrey Landscapes, we are happy to welcome your fresh ideas and vision for your project. Welcome To
Surrey Landscapes
Beautiful Landscape At Surrey Landscapes, we are happy to welcome your fresh ideas and vision for your project. Welcome To
Surrey Landscapes
 Bringing Nature Closer to Your Space with Our Exquisite Garden Landscape Design

Surrey Landscapes comprise of a team of construction experts, landscape designers, and lighting professionals in Surrey committed to creating beautiful scenery in Surrey and its environs.


Our team is dedicated to every project irrespective of the size. The satisfaction of our customers remains our topmost priority as we have an assembly of specialists who are licensed and committed to the success of every single project. Either you are considering a major renovation or minor repair; you are assured of our staunch commitment to the success of your project.


No other brand loves nature than us at Surrey Landscapes. We are experts in designing trendy gardens that exudes stylishness. You can trust our expertise from the design to the completion of your project as we have the capacity to handle every detail. If your desire is to create a new style or improve your structure, our team at Surrey Landscapes is available to add our golden touch to your project.


Everyone has got an idea, right? Even a two-year-old has got loads of them. At Surrey Landscapes, we are happy to welcome your fresh ideas and vision for your project. We intend to take over the entire Surrey and its surroundings with our crispy and incredible designs. Our premium designs and paying attention to every single detail of each project are our selling points.


We love to listen to you. Our first consultation session is where you are free to rub minds and exchange ideas. Listening to your lofty ideas about your landscaping projects and gardens will offer us an in-depth understanding of your needs, and you can count on our experts to deliver as described. You can reach us over the phone to book your session, and we will be glad to welcome you.

Our team will prepare an official package which covers every detail of your project ranging from the expenses, material to be used, starting date, delivery date, and logistics details. We love transparency and avoid including hidden charges in your package.

Our passion for landscaping and gardens is never in doubt. It is in our DNA and resonates in our projects. Visit us today and let us make your vision become a reality.


Making our esteemed clients proud of their spaces give us undiluted joy. Our portfolio consists of amazing gardens and landscaping projects designed and constructed by our experts.

Consulting & Management

At Surrey Landscapes, we are known for listening to the needs and ideas of our customers. We have realized that it is the recipe for achieving immense success on every project.


Trust us with your layout and construction plans as we have a team of experts who are specialists in their niches. We have several layout and construction plans in our portfolio, and the designers are committed to making your project a reality.


Your garden space is the place you intend to change into a stunning masterpiece, and our innovative designs can revitalize your space. Our award-winning designs have been proven to hold everyone spellbound when they visit your space.

Installation & Constructing

We have a construction team that oversees your project from inception to the completion stage. We pay attention to detail by being professional in what we do!


We Take The Lead While Others Follow

Our vision is to change the narrative of landscaping and gardening in Surrey by creating contemporary, stunning and picturesque gardens for homeowners and commercial clients in Surrey.

An Assembly of Friendly Professionals Committed To A Common Goal

Surrey Landscapes have a team of talented and friendly professionals capable of handling every detail of each project.

Do you have a dream garden in your mind that you want to express?

Wait no more! At Surrey Landscapes, our zealous personnel will discuss your project with you and offer you helpful tips that will make your dream come true.


Surrey Landscapes have been taking care of our garden for approximately 10 years and during that time they have transformed our two modest gardens, (front and back) from uninspiring spaces to a delight for the eyes. Over this period they have laid one artificial lawn and created a waterfall. They have installed an irrigation system, as we are frequently travelling away from home and also maintain it and the waterfall on a regular basis. They have also done lots of new planting and come up with some great ideas which we wouldn’t have thought of. The back garden is now a peaceful space with the sound of the waterfall and some beautiful ferns, and the front garden is a riot of colour. They have also planted what used to be our driveway with a variety of grasses. They maintain the gardens on a weekly basis and all the gardeners, without exception, have been knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and very hard-working. We have had no fears of leaving them with a key to the house when we are away. We can’t recommend them highly enough.


I have used Surrey Landscapes several times and have been incredibly impressed. I couldn’t be happier with how the garden looks and the guys were very sympathetic when I was obviously having a difficult morning with a poorly baby. They’re fantastic.


We’ve used Surrey Landscapes for a few years and are very happy with the service they provide. We use them on an ad hoc basis, 2 or 3 times a year, for general tidying and heavy work such as digging/planting/patio cleaning. The guys are always punctual, polite and careful workers and work very hard and achieve a lot in the time they’re here. I’m very happy to recommend them.


Surrey Landscapes and the team landscaped our garden including fitting new fence panels, a large stepped patio area and an artificial lawn. Throughout the project they were extremely professional and worked tirelessly to execute our design. We are very happy with the finished result and are looking forward to spending many happy days in our garden! We would recommend them wholeheartedly.


Surrey Landscapes have completed two projects for us, the first was a total overhaul of the garden including putting down astroturf. The second time was a patio. From the initial quote to completion Surrey Landscapes is always available to talk to and ask questions. He’s very knowledgeable about what can be done and great with ideas. His teams are friendly, approachable and always professional. They arrive promptly, work hard and their standards are high. I recommend them to anyone wanting gardening, landscaping, paving, astroturfing done.

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